5 Best Practices For Long-Lasting Bikini Quality

5 Best Practices For Long-Lasting Bikini Quality

So you've got your new bikini, yay!

Ready to hit the beach? Almost.

Owning a bikini is more than just throwing it in your bag and taking cute photos in it while you're on vacay or lounging by the pool. Preserving your bikini through good care practices is key to getting the most out of your latest investment piece.

Get your notebooks out, cause we're sharing our five best care practices for long-lasting kini quality.


1. Rinse and air dry

After taking a dip in the sea or pool, it's always a good idea to rinse off any salt water or pool water (all the chlorine, to be exact) that might've been absorbed by your kini. A nice cold water rinse is ideal to get rid of chemicals or damaging elements from your swim. Once you're done thoroughly rinsing, hang to air dry. Try not to put it directly under the sun cause this can cause colors to lighten or fade, and avoid putting your kini in a dryer that uses heat to avoid shrinkage or damage. 

A little life hack we like to do is take the kini with us into the shower. It's a two-in-one move cause you get to rinse your kini properly and shower too. Conserving water and kini quality all in one!


2. Never mix a wet bikini with other clothes or towels

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We've all done this before, and it never ends well for us or for our kini.

Most bright-colored kinis are usually dyed which means those beautiful colors can easily leak and seep onto your white towels or light colored clothes (sometimes onto white lining too)! Make sure your kinis are dry before packing them back up into your bag before heading home after a trip.

If you're in a rush and there's really no time to dry, keep your wet kini in a plastic bag or your BINIKINI packaging to keep the moisture and color away from any other items. Our packaging is reusable and waterproof so you can take it with you anywhere, especially when you're in need of an emergency wet bikini bag!


3. Hand wash in cold water and mild soap

On our care instructions, you can find quick instructions on Do's and Dont's for washing and caring for your kini.

The best way to wash your kini is to hand wash it in cold or lukewarm water and mild to medium soap. This helps keep your kini's color intact and helps maintain the stitching, stretch, and overall quality for a longer time. 

OK, what if you don't have time to hand wash and you really wanna just throw it in the washing machine? No problem, just make sure you use mild to medium detergent and a washing machine-safe mesh bag to keep your kini from getting damaged. And remember -- don't use bleach!


bonus tip: you can remove the pads (if kini is padded) and wash it separately to keep them from getting folded and creased inside your bikini top.


4. Store your bikini neatly

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Whether you have a special drawer dedicated to (underwear and) bikinis, a bag, a basket, or a whole shelf, it's important to store your prized possessions neatly (seriously though, bikinis are investment pieces after all). If you're folding it to save on space, make sure the pads aren't folded in half or this could cause creasing. You can stack them on top of each other too, just make sure that pads, hardware, or other elements of your kini are safe and kept away from getting stuck on your closet doors or drawer openings. 

Keeping your bikinis neatly helps prevent any unnecessary damage from pulling and tugging when they get tangled up (trust us, we've been there).

Neatness is your best friend when it comes to preserving your bikini!


5. Avoid chemicals

Lastly, and probably the most overlooked tip of all, avoid getting chemicals on your bikini. We know, it's almost impossible not to get any sunscreen or tanning oil on your kini, but it always pays to be careful!

It's not like a single drop of chemical will ruin your bikini forever (except maybe bleach), but because bikini material and dyes aren't exactly bulletproof, they're bound for getting rundown after a while and that's just inevitable! However, investing in high quality kinis and being cautious of what kind of chemicals get on them are two good ways to assure long-lasting kini quality.



Being mindful of our belongings and giving them the care they deserve is always a good practice for prolonging their condition and preventing excessive waste! Taking good care of your bikinis will save their original quality and will save you a lot of money, too. 😉

In the end of the day, our bikinis were made to help you bring out that stand-out confidence that brought you to purchase it in the first place. Let the bikini do its work and go enjoy that well-deserved vacation!

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